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On this page, You need to give your CORRECT SHIPPING/DELIVERY details if you can include the Barangay of your shipping location.

Please make sure you give us your CORRECT/COMPLETE DETAILS.

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After we receive your order and shipping details, this page will give your ORDER NUMBER AND ORDER CONFIRMATION.  Once you receive your order confirmation, this means that your order is confirmed and you may now proceed with paying it through your chosen mode of payment

Please make sure to follow the instruction given by the order confirmation page.

wait for your order to arrive

I will be the one to get in touch with you regarding the  shipping/branch drop off of your order/s.

Please give me 1 to 3 days to pack and ship your orders.  Cut-off of order everyday is 12noon.

Please contact me through the email where you sent the SS of your payment.

or sms/viber me at +9668176927 for urgent matter

  • I will be available to check emails for payment every day from 4 pm to 12midnight; only those who made payment before noon will be included in that day's order.

  • Please, when you email SS of payment, please make SUBJECT: your ORDER NUMBER ex. 25000 

  • Shipping/Branch Drop off will be from 1 pm to 4 pm DAILY.

  • Please do not send multiple emails.

  • Please state that in your email when you send me the SS of your payment for rush orders.

  • Only send your payment SS to the designated email address the order confirmation page will give you.

  • If, after 24 hrs you did not receive any response from me, you can email me on my account; bernswade@gmail.com.

  • You can also SMS/Viber me at +639668176927

  • Strictly NO CANCELLATION of order/s once you are given an order number. We are paying our website provider with some stats that do not play around with it.

  • We are open to returns/refunds.

  • For refund, these are only applicable if you did not receive your order after a month. We do not refund the unsatisfied customer. 

  • For return, we are okay, but it depends on the item you will return. Each item has its own return time allowed—no return for personalized items. The buyer will shoulder shipping of both return and replace things. The product should be shipped together with its complete original packaging. We will book the pickup of items using LBC or GOGOexpress from the buyer. You will pay the shipping fee; the cost depends on the location. Please, give the payment to the rider. We will also ship the new replacement item to you, and you will pay the SF fee to the rider as well.

BY proceeding/submitting your order, you confirmed and agreed with all our shop's terms, notes, and policies.

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