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 Hi! Welcome to our website! We started selling since May of 2016. At first it was all for fun since I love dressing up my phone. then, I decided to sell my hot finds to my followers. My first products were the 360 polycarbonate cases. Back then there was only 4/5/6/6s/6plus/6splus cases. Reminiscing about it has me in awe that I was able to experience the growth of technology.


When 7/7plus was launched people where scared of the 360 cases since there was a big chance for it to get damaged or scratched on the sides of the phones. I was worried because I was already serious about this business. I found new suppliers to help me out. I was really persistent and, with luck, was able to find good business people like me who were interested in helping me with my growing business. That's when I started getting IMD cases and other hot finds outside PH with the help of my suppliers.


TRUST is the key to everything. It's not just about the business or earning money, it's about feeling good about yourself knowing that you were able to gain the trust of your customers. Its not about one transaction its about them returning and trusting. ​


At the same time, I met people who would help me out by promoting our products without even asking for anything in return. I'm so happy that these people trust our shop and never hesitated to promote us!



Amazingstudph (Christian)

Paul Nebres

Caryl Paraico

Jhelo Cristobal

DJ Cha Cha ​



In September of 2016 I started to sell at a bazaar. If you can believe it, I did not start it in MANILA, I made my way to CEBU with @popdistrict. I met good people and bad as well (it comes). Selling at the bazaar in Cebu made me feel fulfilled and loved by Cebuanos. I didn't think I could set up at the bazaar in such a short time. I was ecstatic and driven to do more.


In God's perfect time, He let me meet 3 good people @concept.merakiph and @trinkettesph. We were the young entrepreneurs. After a week in Cebu, we jumped to Trendsetter's Bazaar in a stressful way. We weren't that prepared but we were able to pull it off and be happy. It did not stop there. We did it every month and joined big bazaars like Noel Bazaar and World Bazaar that happens every November and December.


I am so blessed to be able to do the run with these good people. In business always remember that you will find people who will help you and be with you on your journey. Thank you to my entrep-friends LIZ, FRITS AND IVY.


My journey last year wouldn't have been a blast without you guys ​ To the artists who promote us! Dj Cha Cha Ea Guzman Kiana Valenciano Jesi Corcuera R2 Alonte Barbie Imperial and most especially Miles Ocampo ​ THANK YOU SO MUCH.


To our delivery man Adrian, thank you for being such an honest, hardworking, loyal, friend and the best man for this work. ​


To my sister thank you for helping me out in everything, through thick and thin. You saw me cry tons and never let me down. Salamat sis ​


To my family thank you for being the source of my strength. ​ To my husband for believing in me in all that I do, for being my rock and salamat. I love you ​


To all my followers and costumers, I will do my best to give you all that I can give. I will make sure that the quality of the cases you're purchasing from me will not change; durable, classy, unique, afforable and HIGH QUALITY. Salamat for shopping with us!!